Wednesday, August 06, 2008

CT Day 15: 3 miles to Leadville

Another easy day, this time we only hiked 3 miles to the trail head, where we would thumb a ride into Leadville. Dave and I sort of planned it this way so that we could maximize our rest day in Leadville. So on an unbelievably clear and beautiful morning, we descended from Bear Lake down to a valley system just North of the Twin Lakes reservoir.

Following a heated discussion about which highway to take, we determined that we were indeed on the correct road, it just wasn't the road with any traffic! Three cars passed us in two hours, and only 1 was traveling our direction. The fourth driver we saw finally took pity on us and drove us both into what remains of the once glorious mining town of Leadville, CO.

We stayed at the always hospitable Leadville Hostel, run by the famous "Wild Bill" who is quite legendary for his hospitality towards thru-hikers. And like Mountain Outfitters in Breckenridge, Wild Bill let us stash a resupply at his place free of charge!

At the time, the Leadville Hostel was hosting numerous athletes training for the Leadville 100 Running and Mountain Biking race. There were several other CT thru-hikers as well. We saw Paul's name on the guest register and wondered where he was. Later on at the local brewpub, we saw Paul walking back towards the hostel and shouted to him across the street.

CT Day 16: Chillin' in Leadville at 10,200 feet

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