Wednesday, August 06, 2008

CT Day 14: Holy Cross Wilderness & Bear Lake

While we made great mileage yesterday, today turned out to be somewhat wasteful, finishing only 8 miles, as my knee was bothering me for most of the morning and Dave decided to go fishing. I doubt I was very pleasant to be around. Somehow, Dave managed to put up with me though, and we continued on at a slow pace.

In light of my knee, we figured it would be best to take it easy this day, and only hiked 8 miles. The highlight turned out to be entering the very Southern tip of the Holy Cross Wilderness Area. The unspoiled, old growth trees and rugged granite greeted us at every turn.

In the early afternoon we reached Bear Lake and set up a camp. And despite the ravenous mosquitoes, it turned out to be a fairly good location. After early afternoon rain clouds cleared, David tried his luck again with fishing at the lake, but it apparently wasn't meant to be. I layed low and tried to stay off my aching knee, hoping it would heal enough and not jeopardize my finishing the Colorado Trail.

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