Wednesday, August 06, 2008

CT Day 16: Chillin' in Leadville at 10,200 Feet

It is now Day 16 or 17 of our first Thru-Hike. Followers of our journey will wish to know that we have now hiked 156 miles on the Colorado Trail from Denver.

We've had some good times and seen some good things, but things are not all well. Our dear comrade and hiking partner Paul Brodar has suffered a knee injury of curious cause. He had to drop out after hiking 14 or so miles over the pass from Breckenridge to Copper Mountain. He's hoping it will heal and he'll be able to join us again in a week when we get our next resupply in Buena Vista. We're definitely missing Paul's company on the trail and by the fire. Here's to the Neutron Star!

Our next stop is in Buena Vista, 60 0r so miles to the South. Dave and I will hopefully be able to meet up with Paul there and continue on. However, Dave and I are very much looking forward to climbing Mt. Massive, Mt. Elbert, and possibly Columbia or Harvard. The Collegiate peaks are definitely going to rock (that's all they are anyway).

We've also met many new people, including this beautiful golden retriever. Enter Thatch and April, two new friends and the huge crazy crowd of Leadville 100 bikers and runners all staying at the Leadville Hostel. These people rock! Training for 100 mile mountain bike and running races respectively.

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Jon said...

Tyler! Just had a chance to read through all of your blog that I had not read previously. As always, entertaining and educatio... well, entertaining.

I am loving my time in the states. Things I didn't miss all year are now seeming impossible to give up... cooking with wine, good Mexican food, pork products, and high speed internet. Most of all, though, I'm sad to be returning to Kuwait and not finding you there. I'll really miss you. That's my selfish side. On my other, smaller side, I'm really excited about your trip and pleased that you will be moving on to better places and events. Take care and know you are fondly thought of! Jon Fager