Saturday, June 17, 2006

Getting Warmer in Japan

Well, I've decided to add another student's blog to my little monkey house on the internet. If you are interested in learning Japanese, or reading about the lives of my students, this is a cool place to go. I think I'm going to get any student's web pages and see if they want to see.

Thursday, I started a new Japanese class in the nearby town of Motomiya Machi. I think it might be a little bit better. For one, they recently got a new teacher at my class in Koriyama, and she simply isn't as good a teacher. Also, the ratio of teachers to students in Motomiya is about 2 to 1, so I get a lot of extra attention and help. The only downside I see is that they focus more on grammar and reading than my other class. I'm hoping to focus almost exclusively on conversation. My new teacher wants me to learn a lot of new chinese characters, which I don't think is beneficial to me due to my plans of leaving Japan in a little more than a year.

As for Friday, I ate yakiniku ("grilled meat" that you cook yourself at the table) with my friend Jake and his girlfriend Junko. Yaki Niku is the best thing since sliced bread.

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The Pittmeister said...

Yakiniku is the food of the gods! It's like manna from heaven! But why oh why does it have to be so damn expensive!