Wednesday, June 21, 2006

All sorts of goodies

Hello everyone!

Not too much going on today. Today we Asst. English Teachers had a monthly meeting at the Board of Education. Which is usually very boring (and was this week as well). Apparently, the owners of my apartment complex changed. I had to go to a second meeting afterwards with the people in my apartment complex.

They gave us free towels and told us that our locks would be replaced with electronic number locks. They also said the location of our trash bin would change and they would add a parking space. Why telling us these 3 things would take over an hour is absolutely beyond my comprehension.

This evening I went to Baskin Robbins with my English Conversation Class students today and just got back. They really are a nice bunch of people.

Also, if anyone is interested, I've discovered the virtues of RyanAir, which is a discount air carrier in Europe, if anybody is heading to the continent. I managed to book a flight from Rome to Brussels for only about 114 Euros. Not bad in my book.

Anyways, since this was a slow day, filled with lots of obnoxious chores and nothing really special, I'll leave you all with another funny picture!!

Also, I'm looking for other ideas and suggestions for improving this blog, so if you have any ideas, you can write to me at or one of my other email adresses if you know them. You can also post a message on here. Also, if you are reading this regularly, let me know, so I can write stuff that you might find interesting.

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