Saturday, March 03, 2007

Japanese Junk Food

America has a much deserved reputation for eating very unhealthy foods. But the United States is by no means the world champion in this department, as the product I discovered the other day suggests the Japanese are competing for the title.

I assure you I did not doctor this picture. What you are looking at is indeed “chocolate covered cheetos.” The caption actually reads, “miruku chokoreto aji (milk chocolate flavor)”. I tried one, and it did indeed taste like a pork rind covered in artificial cheese powder and then dipped in chocolate. Blecch.

最近新しいジャンクフードを食べました。 アメリカでCheetosは人気がある。でもミルクチョコレトの味がありません。アメリカ人はその味が可笑しいと思います。 私はミルクチョコレトCheetosを好きじゃないです。

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