Saturday, March 03, 2007

Okinawa Food

Another post from a week ago. I'll be caught up with everything this morning.

I met my friend Kame and her friend Sachiko this week to try out some Okinawa food. Okinawa is known for its delicious and very nutritious food and is one of the few places in Japan that serves up spicy food. I had one dish made from a tomato based spicy sauce and rice that could easily be mistaken for something from Mexico. Other dishes I ate didn’t resemble Mexican food at all. Being the flake that I am, I forgot what everything was called.

Kame’s friend is going to Kyoto in order to work as someone who teaches people how to wear kimonos. For some time I have known that wearing a woman’s kimono is a complicated affair that takes some learning and practice, but I had no idea people actually taught such things as a profession. I couldn’t have guessed that one required a license to do so either! I may have misunderstood Sachiko explain the line of work she was in, but I doubt it. She evidently has to go to Kyoto to take a licensing exam. This is all assuming I was hearing things correctly and important details were not lost in translation (as it often happens).

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