Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Today was rather boring at first, but slowly turned interesting.

School started off very slow (not one class) because most students are still competing in the sports tournament around the city. Right after lunch, the students went home, and we could leave, so the P.E. Teacher at one of my schools drove me down to a community center's sports complex so we could cheer for a student of mine who went very far in the badminton competition.

Unfortunately, she lost her match, but she was quite good. I felt bad for her because it was such a small school, she was the only person competing in badminton. There were four teachers in all watching her, and no other students with us. B
ecause the PE teacher, Sanpei Sensei, was apparently a professional soccer goal keeper back in the day, he was quite eager to see the matches in progress. So we went over there and watched a game until it was clear one team would win.

This evening, I went to my Eikaiwa, where I teach English to a group of people at the local community center. They are a nice bunch. I was a little concerned about teaching adults with such a mix of ages and ability, but its turning out to be easier than I thought. I'm having fun with them so far though. I teach them every Wednesday for 5 more weeks.

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