Sunday, September 24, 2006

Kamakura and the Daibutsu

Last weekend, I went to Kamakura, which is just South of Tokyo. Being famous for hundreds of temples, shrines, and a large Buddha, Kamakura is on the list of places to see if you live in Japan. I visited a number of famous sites there, including a bamboo forest, several famous temples and shrines, and the famous Daibutsu statue. The statue wasn't as big as I thought it would be, although it was quite large.

I found the entire area to be quite charming. I visited the town with my friend Erika, whom I met previously in Australia. She showed me around and read Chinese characters I don't know.

One shrine I recall particularly well, and Erika explained what several of the dieties represented. Perched atop a steep hill, we climbed a set of moss covered steps to reach the top. We removed our shoes and stepped in, where the statues representing various dieties were arranged. One statue she explained, was dedicated to children who died in miscarriage. Numerous toys and baby formula lay piled near the shrine, offerings from women remembering their deceased children. At another statue, you could pay 300 yen (3 USD) and write your wish on a thin slice of balsa wood. When enough sticks are accumulated, priests will burn them as an offering.

Overall, the trip was great, despite being somewhat short. The only real problem was the rain! Clouds threatened rain all morning, and followed through with the threat for most of the afternoon. What a drag! I still had fun though.

週末は鎌倉へ行きました。鎌倉の大仏を行って見ました。私の友達と一緒に行きました。行ったときに、インドのカリー食べました。とても辛かった。で私の友達は食べることができなかった。 日曜日神社と寺院と大仏に行ってきました。竹の森をはじめて見ました。竹は高かったです。午後は雨でした。 4月からこれで四回傘を買ったことがあります。それから私たちはヤキニクを食べました。 本格的な韓国のレストランですのでペヨンジュンの写真がありました。

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