Saturday, September 16, 2006

This Week's Caption Contest

Hey Everyone! Be sure to participate in this week's caption contest, otherwise, it will go to Skilz every week!

You all know the rules:

1. Everything stays under PG-13

2. Participation is mandatory for readers of this blog.


The Pittmeister said...
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The Pittmeister said...

I just read that you said that participation is mandatory people who read your blog, so here we go with another captivating caption

"At Daytona, the camera caught was science could not...the Missing Link between hairy apes and humans...and it was supporting Dale Earnhardt!"

The Pittmeister said...

"Too poor to afford a Dale Earnhardt t-shirt, Sasquatch decided that the next best thing would be to wax the number 3 into his overgrown back hair."