Friday, August 17, 2007

دولة الكويت!

Well, for anyone who may not know, I arrived here in Kuwait safe and sound. I've been here about 24 hours now. My initial impressions are as follows.

1. This country is very HOT.
2. This country is very DUSTY.
3. Kuwait has great Indian food.
4. Kuwait has a lot of computer stores.
5. Kuwait has a lot of Jewelry stores.
6. Everyone at Universal American School seems really friendly.
7. Did I mention that this country is HOT?

I went down this morning to see the school and get some work done. The Middle School principal said things were still being arranged, but that I would be teaching social studies and language arts. He gave me a brief tour of the school. Its kind of odd, because the school is gargantuan compared to the desks, lockers, chairs, and other furniture in the classroom. The architects probably tried to make it imposing.

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The Pittmeister said...

Yo dude, glad to see you made it to Kuwait okay. Sorry we couldn't hook up while I was in Boulder. I realized that we were just too busy and I didn't know what the schedule was going to be and if I was going to have any time to see you. I am back in Japan and have decided to keep my blog going. Look forward to reading about your adventures in Kuwait.

PS: Tell your dad to stop being such sap about you being gone. He should be proud to have a son who lives abroad. I know mine is.