Sunday, August 05, 2007

Visiting Ola and the Hansons

I went to Scottsdale to visit Ola and my longtime friends the Hansons. Regular readers from Arizona and longtime friends know Cathy and Craig Hanson were friends (and sometime roommates) of my parents at NAU during the Edo period. As a child growing up in Denver, I got to be good friends with David and Eric Hanson, who, like myself, are both Lumberjacks as well. They moved to Arizona when I was a kid, but our families have always kept in touch. During my time at NAU, I got to be good friends with David Hanson, and another guy named Ola Iranloye.

Coming from Nigeria, Ola is now a computer programmer at a software company in Phoenix. He and I used to hang out with another friend of mine in Flagstaff named Paul Brodar. I stopped in at the Hansons and got to visit with all of them. They served dinner to Ola and myself, while Ola and I consumed said dinner. It was a great arrangement! Seriously though, all of the Hansons are some of my dearest friends. Cathy Hanson in particular is one of the greatest conversationalists I know and is widely regarded as such among our circle of friends.

Eric is still doing his yearlong round the world mission trip with He is currently in Thailand if I'm correct. Check out his blog here.

David is working as a youth pastor at Crossroads Community Church in the Los Angeles area. I haven't seen him in over three years and I'm hoping I get to see him before shipping out to Kuwait. Here's to the Hansons! Cheers!

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