Sunday, August 12, 2007

Bronco's Training Camp 2007

I've spent the last week here in the Denver area with my folks. One of the highlights of the week was going with my Dad to the Denver Bronco's annual gear-up and preparation for the season. Yes folks, Friday concluded the second and last week of "Bronco's Training Camp." Millions of Bronco's fans turn up at their sprawling training facility to watch Mike Shanahan whip the Broncos into shape.

And like all people who need to get a life, Bronco fans call in sick and go down to watch the Denver defence play the Denver offense. Two really great things about Bronco's training camp: 1. You have front row seats on the grass. 2. Its totally free. Companies even give away free ice cream and orange colored milk (that actually tastes good).
For those of you who don't know, the Denver Broncos stand triumphant as the greatest football team in the history of the universe. Being at the pinnacle of their craft, the Broncos have to train hard to maintain their edge. So they run a real tight ship. My father and I watched with gaping mouths as the well oiled machine relentlessly executed drills and plays. After warming up, the offense played the defense for two solid hours. Shanahan and the other coaches would blow their whistles and the lineup would change in seconds. They wouldn't waste a minute. The entire team appears to be very disciplined and very well organized.

This year looks somewhat promising. They got rid of Plummer and it looks like they are giving the QB job to Jay Cutler. He's real big and real fast. He can throw fast too. I'm not sure yet, but they may have a new Lumberjack backup quarterback named Preston Parsons. There were actually a few NAU alumni who are Bronco's now.

We got to see a number of other faces up close. Esteemed veteran John Lynch was certainly visible (see picture below, left) but then again he was the only old white guy there besides Shanahan). I certainly hope I'm half as buff as Lynch when I'm 36. Sam Adams, at 6'4" and 350 pounds ranks among the biggest people I've ever seen. Preston Parsons threw a touch down pass that some other guy caught not ten feet in front of us.
Yeah, the Bronco's rule!

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