Monday, August 06, 2007

Lisa & Her Kids

Besides eating dinner at Macayo's with the Godemann clan the other evening, I also got a chance to visit my cousin Lisa (now Lisa Bloom) at her new home in the Phoenix area. She and her husband Corbitt are busy raising a family of three little tykes in the Sonoran Desert. Her kids are great fun, pretty well behaved, and impossibly cute and funny (see pictures).

My cousin Jonathan and I used to have tons of fun torturing Lisa to no end as children. Together we were a force unstoppable in the endless beligerent harassment of Lisa. We relentlessly heaped agonizing grief on Lisa. Who would have guessed she would put all those pranks behind us and be so kind and generous as to open up her home. Jonathan and I are probably lucky she's still talking to us!

In any event, they just had their home beautifully remodeled and have a great pool. The kids were all excited to get the mail because they would learn who their teachers were for the following year. If only my life could be so simple. Her oldest is Shannon. Then her son, Donovan, followed by her youngest daughter Peyton.
Lisa must be doing a pretty good job at the whole mom thing, because she's got three great kids that are fun to hang out with. Somehow she juggles swim team practice, piano lessons, soccer, and PTA meetings. Good thing she's got a minivan! Seriously though, Lisa's kids are great and you should consider yourself blessed if you ever get to meet them.

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Anonymous said...

Tyler terrorizing someone?

No, we can't see it.

You really tell it like it is, keep up the honest blog.