Thursday, August 16, 2007

See Dave Grow a Beard!

Before leaving for Kuwait, I went to Los Angeles to visit one of my best friends, David Hanson.
David works as a church youth and college/young adult ministries pastor in Camarillo, California, just north of Los Angeles. We've literally known each other since we were born, but also went to college together.

We tried to catch a boat out to the Channel Islands north of Los Angeles, but that didn't work out very well. The boat was already booked when we called, and standby didn't look promising at all.

So after the Channel Islands thing didn't work out, we just hung out while Dave showed me around his area. While we didn't do anything really special, we had a great time catching up with each other. I literally have not seen David Hanson in three years. We went hiking and stuck our feet in a big tar pit and walked along a beach near Santa Barbara. That evening we held a BBQ for ourselves and some of Dave's friends in California. We grilled up a big hunk of tri-tip, but we kind of built the fire a little too hot and burnt the meat.

However, I also cooked peach cobbler for the first time in ages. His friends all raved about it (something I'm used to), and it came out perfectly. One thing's for sure: you have to try if you want to mess up peach cobbler.

He drove me to the Airport so that I might board my flight to Kuwait. Anyways, here's my best bud Dave and his new Spartan beard that caught the eye of the TSA.

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