Sunday, July 02, 2006

Yamadera Last Week

Last week, I promised to write about my fantastic trip to Yamadera, which is a Buddhist monastery in Yamagata, in the mountains north of me. Well, it was quite nice. It had that wonderful feeling of "I'm in some fantastic whimsical Martial Arts film."
The place is actually a Buddhist Monastery of some significance, but succumbs to tourists like many others wonderful places. Its still quite impressive though. You begin by climbing steps up the side of a mountain. Soon, you come out to the top to find all these buildings nestled into a steep ravine. One shrine sits out on a ledge, as you can see in the picture.
It would be a fantastic place to visit again. I'd like to photograph it early in the morning. Anyways, here's the pictures.


The Pittmeister said...


Hey! going down to Tokyo next weekend, so far its just me but I may meet up with some other people. You up for going? Or do you got something going on already?

Tyler Beal said...


Tyler Beal said...

Hey there Skilz,
I'm afraid I have plans already.
Also, its not looking good for the Korea trip as well. Italy is turning out to be WAYYYY over budget. The nation appears to be a black hole sucking all my money. I'm also having touble finding a way to get a flight out of Fukushima that I can make without taking nenkyu. I'm not saying it won't happen, but at this point its not looking good.

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