Monday, July 17, 2006

Belly Button Weekly Caption Contest

Hey everybody,
In an effort to make this more exciting, I've decided to do a weekly caption contest! You have the option to post a response stating your proposed caption! I'm going to give you some examples for this one, so you all get the idea. The captions should be posted in the "comments" link that is just down below to the right of this post.

OK now, everybody write funny captions! Let me know what u think of this idea!


Tyler Beal said...

They learned the hard way never to trust a realtor who wears sweat pants.

Tyler Beal said...

"And THAT'S why I think the Bush Administration is under the control of the Keebler Elves!"

The Pittmeister said...

"I just finished my workout and I'll need to take a shower before start filming our threesome"