Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Jettlagged Day in the Eternal City

After a long flight I have finally landed in Rome, arguably one of the most interesting cities in the world. The flight was rather uneventful, consisting of a layover in Malaysia.

However, my first impressions of Rome include the following: 1. This city is extrordinarily hot! Its too hot to keep pounding the pavement and seeing sights. I managed to visit the Coluseum, the Palatine Hill, and the Trevi Fountain before giving up. I had to make 3 stops for water and 2 stops for ice cream to fight the heat. I think I may skip some sight seeing on my last day in Rome and make a trip to the beach.
I got yelled at by some fascist cop for dipping my feet in the Trevi Fountain (everybody else was doing it too). Otherwise, it was a very pretty fountain, in a very pretty area. The Colluseum would have been nicer, if it werent so hot!!

Anyways, I'll be on a guided tour of the vatican tomorrow.


boberika said...

See?,I told you. it's been very hot there, right? get a sunscreen and go to the Coloseum again!

newloghere said...

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