Monday, July 17, 2006

Ohse Park Cactus House

Yesterday, I went to the cactus house at Ohse Park to see a familiar site. I took my friend Kame there to see the cactus they have on display there. Here are some pictures of the cactus. Most of the cactus on display were from Mexico, but some were from South America and even a few from Africa. A few looked like they belonged in a science fiction movie or something. Here's some pictures for you.

Also, I've been getting ready for Italy Summer 2006! I'm going to Italy, Belgium and possibly Amsterdam. I'll spend 2 weeks alone traveling in Rome, the Amalfi Coast, and Valle d'Aosta near the North. Then I meet up with my Dad and we'll go through the Cinque Terra, hiking between different towns nestled in the cliffs on the West Coast. Should be good fun! After that, my Dad and I are going to see most of Florence.

When my Dad returns to the US, I'll be visiting my friend Pat up in Belgium. A German-American living in Brussels, Pat works for a NATO Day Camp program. In Brussels, I'm going to see the much hyped "carpet of flowers" festival, as well as visit the NATO base with Pat. Pat and I also have loose plans to go on up to Amsterdam for a day or 2.

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