Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why I Can't Stand Soccer

The only spectator sport I have much interest in is American NFL football. I can watch a good basketball at times, and have been following the Denver Nuggets in the playoffs this year, but I'd rather watch mildew grow on my bathroom floor than soccer or baseball.

I can't remember where I heard it said, but some sports commentator once penned something like this: "Soccer is like caviar. It doesn't go down well, and nobody really knows why anybody likes it." Soccer is the kind of sport that's meant to be played rather than watched.

Well, today on the Fail Blog, I found an even better explanation for my disdain of the sport. Allow me to present this short clip of these two soccer playing buffoons:Seriously dudes, what is the matter with you two? Could you be any more, stupid, transparent, fake, pathetic or immature?? First of all the guy was asking for it because he gets all up in his face about something that was no doubt as dumb as what eventually transpired. Then the guy second guy barely touches him and acts like some victim who got headbutted. Come on! Man up already and quit acting like a testosterone deficient, insecure, underdeveloped 7th grade bonehead!

In all fairness I must concede that these types of monkey-house antics are not limited to soccer, as the NBA has its fair share of prima donas and hot heads. But I've never seen anything in sports quite as stupid as this. The sad things is, I the few soccer games I have been unfortunate enough to watch I've seen enough of this kind of thing to turn me off to the sport for good. What a complete lack of personal integrity. How these guys can look at themselves seriously in the mirror after nonsense like this is beyond me.

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