Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Climbing Album from Back in the Day

I've been meaning to post this album up for awhile now. Back in the late summer of 2001, my friend Geremiah Jeronimo Gentry, "Miah" and I scaled a big ole' granite crack up on Prescott's Granite Mountain in Arizona.

It was a great climb and a great day, despite the monsoon rain we got in the afternoon (we got soaked, but by that time had finished the day's most difficult pitches). We got out on this knife edge ridge at the very end. The ridge stood up about 250-300 feet off the deck and was wildly exposed. See the album below.


Jerimiah said...

Tyler that was a great day of climbing. I recall excitement about the weather, excellent conversations on the hike in about religion, family and our time at Friendly Pines Camp where we worked. Thanks for sharing those pictures, it was great to see them. Did I always have my helmet on crooked?! What kind of instructor was I?

Tyler Beal said...

Holy cow, is that really you???!!!

Yes, it was a great day, and you often did have your helmet on a little crooked, but I remember everyone liked you and liked working with you.

How've you been these days? Last I heard Paul Brodar said you moved to Florida?