Sunday, May 31, 2009

Boshintang with Friends

I made it back to Changwon in time for Boshintang with friend and colleague Lee Soon Jeong and her husband. The three of us had been planning this for quite awhile, but our schedules never quite messhed well enough to arrange the outing.

Bonshintang is a traditional Korean soup dish made from dog meat, and translates to something like, "invigorating soup." It is indeed quite delicious and quite invigorating, and more often eaten in the summer months. In recent years however, its become less and less popular due to perceptions about eating dog meat (What would the other G 2o nations think?) and unfortunately seems to be on the wane.

Nevertheless, I'm quite happy they showed me this delicious restaurant, and will no doubt be returning in the near future.

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Alvaro Fernandez said...

I wonder when will it become less popular to eat hot dogs, pepperoni pizza and burgers. The poor cows and pigs of the world are suffering from this cruel practice... [end of sarcasm]

So many double standards in this world. I do enjoy beef, so why wouldn't I understand someone else enjoying dog or cat meat, or horse meat, or deer meat, any meat.... I guess we are natural born killers