Sunday, May 10, 2009

Buddha Figure Garden

At the temple, there was this area with thousands of tiny little Buddha statues and figures in all sorts of various poses and depicting the Buddha in various ways. The eeirie garden of figurines is the result of a custom I'd previously never witnessed. Patrons purchase the figures and write their names and short prayers on the underside of the porcelain and metal icons, to be left in the garden.
From South Korea Highlights 2009 ~
At temples in both Korea and Japan, I'd seen prayers written on sticks to be burned in ceremonies, but I'd previously never encountered this nor heard of it anywhere. Unique to this area? Time will tell as I learn more about Buddhist customs and traditions in Korea. Buddhist laypeople and the monastic community seem far more active, vibrant, and visible in Korea than Japan, so learning much more over the coming year(s) seems likely.
From South Korea Highlights 2009 ~

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