Sunday, May 31, 2009

Going to the Country

For all of you who are curious about who I've been hanging out with lately, here's a picture of me taken today in the Korean countryside with a new group of friends. Sonny invited fellow classmate Chantalle and myself for a day at the home of one of the dedicated volunteers who give up their time so that us pasty white folks may one day speak the Korean tongue.

No lessons took place, just a lot of good food and socializing. We also played Frisbee and badminton in his substantial yard. I got to meet Sonny's rambunctious child as well, who is cute enough to get away with all sorts of hilarious antics.

Cheers! for all the epic hospitality in Korea that never seems to run dry!
From South Korea Highlights 2009 ~
Chantalle falls asleep on the couch, until my camera click wakes her up.
From South Korea Highlights 2009 ~
The whole gang out front.
From South Korea Highlights 2009 ~
Our venerable and generous host.

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Krista said...

Awww!! Mr. Lee!! I've never been to his place! Kinda jealous!!