Monday, November 17, 2008

Whole Albums

As I've promised a couple readers of mine, I'm uploading a few albums of some old pictures I've tediously scanned onto my hard drive.
Bryce Canyon Spring 2002
This first album includes myself and my good friend Paul Brodar in Utah's stunning Bryce Canyon National Park. We drove up here in February of all months. We thought we could beat the crowds. Looks like we beat the heat as well. While camping that night, the temperature dropped below zero degrees Fahrenheit. We used a road flare to get the fire started in the snow.
Climbing with Melissa McCann and Paul B, Paradise Forks, March 2002
The second album includes Paul Brodar as well as Melissa McCann, an ex from my days at NAU. We took these at the Paradise Forks climbing area, so these pictures should hopefully solidify my 'cred with the rock climbers. If you're in Northern Arizona and love basalt cracks, this is the place for you. As I understand it, these remote bluffs form the upper end of the West Fork of Oak Creek Canyon. So these slot canyons eventually empty into Oak Creek and down towards Sedona. But this particular area is closer to the sleepy little town of Williams.
Regardless of where it is, the place is beautiful and remote.

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