Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Michelle Obama Comes to Littleton!

A break from my normal routine of weightlifting and job hunting, I had the chance to see Michelle Obama at a rally today! Yes, my favorite candidate for first lady held a campaign rally this afternoon at Dakota Ridge High School, not 10 minutes from the house!

As I was lifting weights at the YMCA, I arrived kind of late, and the gym was full. Boo-hoo! Everyone was lined up the street. Then the line started moving and we all started walking to the other side of the High School. In hushed silence, the crowd was led to... a brick wall with speakers outside! Boo hoo! On the speakers I could hear Mark Udall, the Colorado Senate candidate giving a speech inside. Oh well, I thought.

But then, who should come out? Michelle Obama! She said she wanted to greet the overflow crowd and made some remarks for about five minutes. Definitely very positive and encouraging, and she unsurprisingly stuck to most of the usual Obama talking points that everyone's heard over the past weeks.

She then went around shaking hands, and I managed to lean in and shake her hand. Not everyday you get to shake hands with the projected first lady! She also mentioned that this was her "last campaign rally," and that she was overwhelmed by all the support she's recieved from the people of Colorado. As you can see from the pictures, she looks as good in person as she does on camera. Not bad! (for a girl anyways).
Lots of enthusiastic voters! I only wish my dad could've been here, but alas, he was stuck in Arizona coming off of his rafting trip and couldn't make it.

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