Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Climbing in the Paradise Forks

The Paradise Forks Area forms the remote upper end of Oak Creek Northern Arizona. It isn't too far from Williams, Arizona. Created by volcanic activity many moons ago, The narrow, basalt canyons offer climbers wonderful opportunities to tear up and bloody their hands jamming them into vertical cracks all day. No, really, its great fun.

It eventually pours into the West Fork of Oak Creek. Someday I'd like to explore it from this end and take it all the way there. The stately Ponderosa Pines create a wonderful backdrop for camping, and it makes an all around wonderful place, secluded from most everybody except a few other climbers.

I first journeyed there with my father and his friend and colleague, Danny Cox. We spent a couple of days climbing and camping out and had a wonderful time. I only returned two or three other times, and wish I'd gotten out there more often. As you can see below, we had a great time and got some wonderful technical shots showing off the different routes.

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