Friday, November 21, 2008

Thailand & Cambodia Album

Here is my album from my trip to Thailand & Cambodia. I went here during my first Winter vacation when I was living in Japan. Despite having to steer clear of Phuket during the 2004 Tsunami (I was a day away from heading there when it hit) I had a great time. The icing on the cake was making it overland to Ankor Wat temple in Cambodia, which became the highlight of the trip.

I also managed to get my diving certificate in Koh Chang, a small island off the coast of Eastern Thailand & Western Cambodia. I've seen much better diving since, but the warm, calm water of the Sea of Thailand (not to mention the exchange rate) makes Thailand the perfect location to learn SCUBA diving.

I'm kind of embarrassed to look at the pictures. I didn't know what I was doing with photoshop at the time, and kind of screwed a lot of these up by messing with the hue and saturation too much. Unfortunately I didn't back them up, so while some pictures are alright, others are kind of... interesting.

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