Sunday, November 09, 2008

Scanning Old Pictures

I've spent some time scanning many, many old pictures of mine from back in the day. I never got a digital camera until 2004, so I'm scanning a lot of old stuff before they start fading.
A goat overlooking Chicago Basin in the early morning. I took this in the summer of 2000 during my trip to Chicago basin in Colorado's San Juans with the Hansons.
One of the more foolish things I've ever done. I went camping with some NAU intervarsity people and jumped off this dam in the Verde Valley. 50 feet up and about 10-15 feet of jagged rocks to clear at the bottom. No margin for error.
A Bahamian dolphin in the spring of 2002. I think this was one of the better shots I got on that trip. Other than this, I didn't too many good shots from the Bahamas.

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