Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two Environmental Links Reviewed

The Story of Stuff

Watch an amusing short film and resources about how our production and consumption model is destroying our planet. The film lays out how this model simply didn't evolve by default, but was designed and constructed by the companies that sell stuff to you and benefit from this model. It shows an especially compelling quote of retail psychologist Victor Lebeau and his colleagues who actively created a societal model where we all "seek our spiritual satisfaction, our ego satisfaction, in consumption."

The video gives an excellent response to any politician or captain of industry who frames the environmental debate as a conflict between protecting the environment and economic development. It shows not only the economic and moral failure of the conventional economic model through its unsustainability, but also by showing the growing consequences and the "externalized costs" of our consumer society. The Story of Stuff also tries to inspire people to create alternatives to the consumer model of our society, culture and economy.

Cosmetic Database

All my lady readers ever wondered how much lead was in your lipstick? Guys! Wanna know what's in your shaving cream? Learn about all the carcinogens, neuro-toxins, hormones, metals, and other not-so-wholesome things in whatever you smear on your face every morning.

Seriously though, this site has a search function that lets you look up your favorite deodorants, makeups, lotions and whatever else and see it indexed for toxicity and safety. Very open and transparent about their rating system and has good explanations for why government regulators are failing at this task.

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