Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Book

I've been going through old things as I clear out old junk and ran across this book, Motivating Students Who Don't Care, by Allen N Mendler. As I recall my friend Dan Assink gave the book to me, but by the time I got it I was far too busy to get around to reading it and it hasn't turned up till now!

Dan taught social studies in the high school at our school in Kuwait, and was always a really nice guy. His wife taught math with me in the middle school. I always admired Dan for his endlessly positive attitude.

On a few occasions, I sought him out for advice, and he ended up giving me this book one time. Unfortunately I never had a chance to read it when I was there, nor did I get a chance to return it to him. But its nice that I'll have a chance to read it now.

I've always had mixed results reading these sorts of books and trying to improve my teaching through them. For whatever reason I haven't always found them helpful. We'll see. Perhaps this one will be better. Any of my readers familiar with this book please let me know.

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