Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Somewhere on the Amalfi Coast

This is a picture of the Amalfi Coast as seen from the ferry that took me to the island of Capris. It is just south of Naples. Regular readers will know I didn't care for Naples, but the Amalfi Coast was quite nice (which is perfectly obvious from the picture.

While I work very hard to take good pictures, I don't feel any of my work is very good. It would be mediocre at best I think. However, I do value it personally and am very territorial about it being on the internet like this. So until I figure out how to do a watermark in Photoshop, I kindly ask that you not take these pictures and use them without my permission. If this small request doesn't deter you, my lawyers and prosecutors will make you stop. They probably won't be as nice about it as I am.
(All of which reminds me I should be better about citing the sources of pictures I use on this site.)


Lulu said...


it looks spectacular. i'm going there on saturday for a ten day holiday.
any special recommendations?

Tyler Beal said...

Not sure when you are going, but the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, and Capris are all very nice places. I stayed in Atrani, which is right near Amalfi, but a little smaller and more intimate. I think any of the resort areas along the coast there would be nice. Capris is nice also, but very pricey.