Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Amalfi Coast

Hey there everyone! Tyler Beal here with a description of the Amalfi Coast. I left Rome because it was too hot and dirty, and went south to Naples. From Naples I caught a train and a bus to the Amalfi Coast.

The Amalfi Coast was specacular. An ancient holiday retreat since Roman Times, it is the most charming place I have seen in Italy. Little whitewashed towns nestle between rugged limestone mountains and cliffs. Because the coastline is so steep, the houses are often built on top of one another. They burrow into the cliff sides just below a rocky Mediterranean Coast. Haphazard staircases, tunnels and passageways pour out from between the houses,buildings and churches. And the coastal road is spectacularly steep and dramatic, as it is built on top of storefronts, castles, and resorts. Transportation in this rugged area includes the one road, stairs, and boats.

I hope to include pictures soon. One day, I met some Australian travelers staying at the same place and we all went to the Island of Capri, where you can go into the Blue Grotto, a limestone cave formation of blue water. Unfortunately, due to the tides and global warming, it was inaccessible that day, so I could only get on a ferry around the island.

Evenings were spent eating pizza and watching the fireworks they set off each night for no apparent reason. The church bells also added to a very unique cacaphony of sights and sounds.

Today, I'm feeling slightly under the weather. I'm not certain why, but I have a sore throat and decided not to go to Pompeii and try and rest instead. Bummer, because I would have liked to see the Ancient Roman City buried in the ash of Mount Vesuvius. I'll just have to come back some day in the future.

Anyways, tomorrow I will be in the Alps way in the north. Should be fun if I can get over this sore throat and headache.

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The Pittmeister said...

When are you going to post more picture quote contests? Who won the last one? Quit talking about boring cathedrals and coasts and starting talking about all the hot Italian woman you're meeting and the crazy European sex you're having! I don't care if you make it up! I am bored at my office and it summer vacation! Have some consideration for the rest of us!

Tyler Beal said...

Well, skilz,
I think you won the last quote contest because you were the only one who bothered to make a post. So congratulations. As for the other things you want to hear about, I can't say I'm meeting a lot of hot Italian women. Also, BECAUSE MY MOTHER READS THIS, I'd like to keep it a little more... family friendly.
Don't fret though, I will try to liven things up with some more dramatic stories and make things a bit more exciting.