Friday, August 18, 2006

First Pictures

Hello Everyone! I must apologize for the long wait, as I have been super busy here in Belgium. This is actually a very nice little country.
Since I have been here I have done a number of different things. My friend Pat and his girlfriend Heike took me to see the "Flower Carpet" which is an event that takes place in Belgium once every 3 years. Unfortunately it was raining and I didn´t get great pictures.
They also took me to see the Atomium, which is a giant 15 story tall silver model of an iron crystal. Again, the poor weather sabotaged my photographs.
Finally, my photographs were also sabotaged in Brussels at a site called the "Mannequin Pis" (yes, it is pronounced the way it sounds). For those of you not familiar with Belgium, the Mannequin Pis is a statue of a toddler urinating into a pool, and is one of the most famous sites in all of Belgium (I am not kidding). When a peeing baby is considered a national symbol (not joking here) by the people of Belgium, what does that tell you?
The day after that, my friend Pat and I drove to Amsterdam for the day. Amsterdam was a very exciting place. After getting a free map of the city at a coffee shop, we went all over town looking at the canals, parks, and all of Amsterdam´s famous sites.
I also went with Pat to an open-air museum in Belgium with his NATO summer day-camp. We had great fun.
And today, Pat and I went to the medieval Belgian city of Bruges. Like Amsterdam, it also had a canal system, although it was much smaller.

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