Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I don't like Naples

Hey Everybody,
I have concluded that I don't like Naples. Perhaps it was the heat. Perhaps it was the fact I had a cold, perhaps it was the river of trash I waded through to cross a street. Perhaps it was the obnoxious people who would hassle me to buy their fake designer sunglasses, chasing me down the street until I yelled and threatened to hurt them. Seriously, this one guy would NOT LEAVE ME ALONE. Perhaps it was the old bag lady beggars who also didn't leave me alone.
Either way, Naples came across as an old world version of Tijuana! The buildings were definitely more European, but were obviously succumbing to the natural forces of time, wind, and decay. They were also succumbing to the man made powers of neglect, graffiti, and a slow drowning in a river of dust, dog poop, and cigarette butts. I ate dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, only to have my dinner delayed by an hour when the power went out a total of 6 times! Ahem, cough cough... deteriorating public infrastructure..cough hack hack.
The only redeeming quality to the city was the food at this restaurant, but by the time my food arrived, it was too late. My opinion of this city had already been etched in stone (or spraypainted across three railcars)

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