Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Feeling Better Now

I still have a bit of a cough, but a rough night of lousy sleep on a train up north seems to have cured 60 percent of whatever was bothering me.
Last night, I happily left the city of Naples to go north to Valle d'Aosta, which is near the Swiss and French border. This city is much cleaner, and much more charming than Naples. The fresh mountain air, blue skies and beautiful mountain valley remind me of Durango Colorado!
But its nothing like Durango. It seems to be about half french up here. I'm hearing a lot of Italian and French. Perhaps there are just a lot of French tourists.
Either way, the mountains are beautiful, and I have been exploring the town today. The town has a good number of Medieval Churches and Castles to Explore. I think I'm gonna take it easy though, as I want to get over this cold as soon as I can.
For now, Ciào!


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The Pittmeister said...

Churches are great, but what about the beaches!? I wanna see some bikini clad, better yet topless women!