Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back in Japan

Well, after 22 hours of flying and 5 hours of layover I am now back in Japan. Overall, my trip was a great one. I had a great time in Italy and Belgium and I even got to see 4 new countries: Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and France. So you can see my new updated map!
Overall, I thought Belgium was quite nice. It's a very laid back and unpretentious country. It isn't the most exotic or beautiful place I've ever been to, but it did have a tranquil rural landscape with productive agriculture. They make some pretty good chocolate too.

I only went to France briefly for one day, and I can't say I actually ventured very far. I only went there so I could say that I've actually been to the place. My friend Pat and I only went down there to look around and do some shopping.

I am also going to put up some of my other favorites. I am also republishing the smash hit "snake snacks" this time with the actual dog in question.

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