Sunday, June 17, 2007

Tale in the Philippines

My first trip to the Philippines was surprisingly exciting and wonderful. More and more, I'm amazed that the Philippines isn't a major tourist destination in Asia. Anyways, here is a collection of posts from my first trip ever to the Philippines.

Anyways, here's the photo album above and the complete story from Day 1 in Manila.

Entry 1: Job Hunting, A Party, and Going to Manila
Entry 2: Manila to Baguio
Entry 3: Hotel Key Lost in Cave
Entry 4: Sagada to Banaue
Entry 5: Preliminary Pictures
Entry 6: Batad, Bangaan & the Bitternut
Entry 7: Diving the Wrecks of Coron
Entry 8: Sundry Observations on the Philippines
Entry 10: Some Pictures
Entry 11: Pictures From Farid Maames
Entry 12: Some More Pictures from the Philippines
Entry 13: A Heap of Philippine Cave Pictures
Entry 14: Here We Go With More Philippines Pictures

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