Friday, April 06, 2007

Some More Pictures from the Philippines

Hello again. Its been another lazy day, as I recover from an awful cold and another minor, yet supremely irritating illness. The good news is, I have some time to go through my pictures of my vacation.

This particular shot is of one of the Philippine tribes' hanging coffins. So you all don't assume that I'm traveling to all these far off places to raid tombs and steal priceless cultural artifacts for the black market underworld of stolen antiquities, I should mention that I was with a local guide and everything was cool.

The Applai tribe of the region is famous for piling these coffins into these local caves. There were hundreds of them piled atop each other just below a cliff dropping into the blackness of the previously mentioned cave.

Another similar culture in the area is known for mummifying their dearly departed, one of only nine or ten cultures in the world to have ever done so. I didn't have time to see the mummies, though. The guide told me I could take pictures of the coffins, but I couldn't touch them or open them. I can live with that.

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