Saturday, April 07, 2007

How many of Me?

This is a fun website I ran across. Its called and tells you how many people have your name. You enter your first and last names and it will tell you how many people there are in the U.S.A. with that same name. I entered Tyler Beal, and there are 11 others in the U.S.A. with my name.

I also entered Noelle Holler, and discovered that there are 0 people with that name! Very interesting indeed, as I know this to be false. The system must work on algorithms and a statistical database and simply tell how many people LIKELY have the name, instead of having every phone book across America indexed.

In no particular order, here are some completely random names I entered.

  • Tyler Beal - 11 people
  • Noelle Holler - 0 people
  • People with the last name Godemann - O people
  • David Hanson - 1,536 people
  • Seth Holler - 2 people
  • Jonathan Dilbeck (friend from elementary school) - 4 people
  • Bruce Shelly - 10 people
  • Brenden Pitt - 0 people (He's in Japan right now)
  • Margaret Thatcher - 33 people
  • Oprah Winfrey - 0 people
  • Ted Duncan - 53 people
  • Evorine Beal - 0 people
  • Janet Napolitano (Governor of Arizona) - 12 people
  • Andrew Beal - 65 people
  • Paul Brodar - 0 people

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The Pittmeister said...

I used to say that I was "one in a million." Now I guess I can say that I am "one in 300 million."