Thursday, April 05, 2007

Pictures from Farid Maames

More pictures for you to enjoy. The following come from Farid Maames, who had a camera casing and shot two wrecks we dived together. He and his partner Dalila were gracious enough to copy pictures onto my flashcard. I took the liberty of putting the pictures through photoshop. All pictures appear courtesy of Farid.

Most pictures come from the Irako Maru, a transport ship sunk by an American bombing raid during the war. The Irako Maru is slightly unusual because it is almost upright. Most ships fall to one side as they sink in the water, but the Irako is only slightly tilted.

The picture with me was taken inside the Irako Maru. While I'm not trained in underwater photography, (and skill at conventional photography seems to have eluded me as well) I noticed several unique challenges. Because the Irako Maru was so deep (34-45 meters) and the interior blocked the sunlight, one requires a very powerful flash. Also, sediment, fish, or anything stirred up in the water have a tendency to reflect off the flash, creating the bright spots on my portrait.

The picture with two divers emerging from the cargo hold comes from the Olympia Maru, another cargo ship. I'm not certain who the divers are.

Farid also managed to get several good shots of scorpion fish as well. They will be posted soon.

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