Monday, June 11, 2007

Was Missing in Action, But Funk Is Over!

I apologize about the lack of updates lately, but I’ve been extremely busy! I finally finished paperwork to send to Kuwait regarding my upcoming job. I’m busy trying to stop procrastinating about a teacher in-service training course I need to apply for. The following has happened in the last few weeks:

1. I got a physical for my job in Kuwait with a tetanus booster and Hepatitis A vaccine. I have to go back and get more shots soon. I don’t mind too much, except I missed most of the annual Chutairen, or city sports tournament where all my teams compete against each other. Hiwada JHS did particularly well in volleyball. Unfortunately, I only saw the last bit of some basketball. Here a picture of Katahira's table tennis team!

2. I went to a party with my neighbor friends and former neighbor friends. All were young mothers with lots of children between 2 and 6. As Japanese parents are far more permissive than their American counterparts, they ran wild in the restaurant. Myself and one woman’s husband constituted the only males over age 6. The mothers were all throwing Adoni and I a “Farewell Party” of sorts. Over the past three years, we’ve played with their children after school, joined them for BBQs and celebrated their children’s birthdays. They also presented me with a brand new yukata, a casual summer garment that resembles something between a kimono and a karate gi. While I don’t have a photo yet, I assure you its quite stylish! I will always be grateful to Aki, Noriko, Kaori, and the other ladies for their generosity, kindness, and good spirits.

3. Emailed David Hanson about returning to the USA and I will possibly see him, the Hansons, and others in Phoenix and Arizona before heading off to Kuwait. Which reminds me: I need to email Paul Brodar, the Hansons, Uncle David and Aunt Nancy, Jonathan and Jessica, my grandparents, and anyone else in Arizona I can think of. The only reason I thought to email David was because I happened to catch Ola on instant messenger.

4. My quest to “get buff” before returning to the states is progressing, but very slowly. I found a great shoulder routine that I’ve been doing and I’m adding some leg exercises that I think will help my knees feel better when I run. The weather is nicer now, so I have fewer excuses not to ride my bike, which is also adding some light aerobic activity to my day and generally making me more active.

5. I’m trying to stop my procrastinating and sign up for a teacher in-service online course to renew my Arizona Teaching Certificate before going to Kuwait. You all know me. If I don’t really want to do something, I always find creative excuses to put it off, delay it, or otherwise avoid it. I’m always open for tips on avoiding procrastination!

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