Saturday, January 03, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Stressing and fretting about my new job is over. Killing my time trying to think up ways to make it go faster and pumping iron at the gym are done. I can finally relax. About the only thing I haven't been doing to pass the time is writing in this blog! But, my passport with the new visa finally arrived in the mail this afternoon (December 17th, 18th) and I can safely book a flight to what will become my new home for a time. Its done! Little is left to do but pack my things.

My wanderlust not yet sated, I've made the decision to go abroad again, this time to the Republic of Korea. I'm going to a city near the very Southern end of the peninsula. Those unfamiliar with the geography of the region will be relieved to know the city lies just East of Busan, about one hour by car from the bustling port city.

My short lived return to the USA proved wonderful and fascinating in many ways, but I don't think I ever planned on staying for very long. My wanderlust proved too strong. There is still far too much I have yet to see, hear, taste, and touch. I also find myself drawn back to Asia and the fascinating and different cultures and languages that compose this half of the world.

But while I'm excited and exhilarated about something big for the first time since finishing the Colorado Trail, this time isn't without its sadness either. I'll be leaving and missing my parents, whom I've had the privilege of spending real time with for the first time since finishing college. I'll also be leaving Denver, a city I truly think is one of the greatest and most livable cities in the USA and perhaps most of the world. In some ways leaving will be easy, as I think subconsiously I kept my distance, never getting too close to people at church or in the community. Perhaps underneath everything I knew I'd be leaving again sometime soon.

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