Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bat Boy Kills Weekly World News!

Anonymous sources say the half-bat,half-boy found in a West Virginia cave is responsible for the death of Weekly World News! Well, I don't know about that, I suspect declining sales is the real reason.Since arriving, they've got me teaching these half day 'English Camp' for students who want to brush up on their English at both Annam and Daebang Middle School. One teacher had suggested I do a newspaper theme for a day, so I came up with a lesson where I would supply a list of headlines, and students would work in groups to write articles about them.The only catch was, I used crazy headlines from the notorious tabloid rag and all American original: Weekly World News. Most kids produced some very memorable articles. I'm kicking myself for not keeping them to reproduce here.But as I was planning and preparing the lesson, I learned some distressing news that brought sadness to my heart. Alas, Weekly World News is no more. Funny thing was, I didn't even notice its absence during my time in the States.

I fondly remember reading crazy headlines about Bat Boy, Sasquatch, Space Aliens and Elvis sightings as a kid. Only once can I ever recall actually purchasing the magazine in 8th grade or something.

Still, its a sad day. Millions of Americans will be a little bit gloomier in the supermarket checkout lane, having only the chance to peruse the latest celebrity gossip that they already get saturated with. For me, its also a sign that things are changing back home. When, or if I ever return to the USA permanently that country won't be the place I remember. Certainly not without the latest on Batboy and Space Aliens.

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Mike Miller said...

Hey there Glad to see you made it to your new digs and are getting settled. I am also glad to see that you intend to teach those young minds the great american literary classics.. Keep up the good work.