Saturday, July 07, 2007

Libby's Pardon: Something to Chew On

Here's something for you all to chew on while I'm busy. So first, they illegally expose an undercover CIA agent. Then this guy lies and obstructs justice to protect the administration from this crime. Then Bush commutes his sentence and refuses to rule out a full pardon (No doubt in the works after the 2008 elections are conveniently over.

In any event, here's the op-ed piece from the Washington Post.


The Pittmeister said...

I read an interesting article somewhere, I think it was in the International Herald Tribune (but maybe the Daily Sun), that said that Dubya likes to compare himself to Churchill, however his administration's practices have been more along the lines of Chamberlain. I think you can still read at the Daily Sun website. It's pretty interesting. But I agree with you, the communtation and probable eventual pardon makes Dubya's admin one of the most suspect and crooked in history.

ygoto said...

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