Sunday, July 29, 2007

Denver, Dallas, and a ServiceMaster Convention

I didn't have too much time to recover from crossing the Pacific, as I left Wednesday for Dallas Texas. My mother's sister, beloved Aunt Deanna Godemann resides in Dallas. It also happened to be the location of ServiceMaster's yearly national convention. It is also from Dallas where I would fly to Phoenix and visit Arizona. I was glad to see my Aunt Dee, because working in Kuwait will probably preclude me from visiting her during Thanksgiving, where she hopes to host the entire family.

I also managed to catch Servicemaster's guest speaker this year, Colin Powell. The retired Gulf War General and former secretary of state was invited (paid) to speak to the gathered franchise owners. He gave an entertaining speech for the crowd and is quite funny. I also got a chance to visit briefly with some other ServiceMaster folks I hadn't seen in a long time, including the Dillons and the Isaacsons.

I had more fun hanging out with my Aunt Dee, her feline companion His Royal Highness Sir Winston, and Aunt Dee's Benz. While Dallas leaves a little to be desired (all of Texas is a veritable armpit according to my Aunt Dee), I had a good time hanging with my mother's older sister.

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