Monday, May 28, 2007

New Links to Check Out: Serious & Not So Serious

Here's some cool websites I found/decided to inform you about. is perhaps the coolest way to find events/festivals/parades and activities in your area. You go to, enter specific criteria into their search engine, and it lists everything happening that could possibly be of interest in your area. For example, I will be returning to the USA between July 24th and August 14th, so I simply enter the following:

Date: 7-24-07 to 8-13-07 Country: USA
Location: Denver, CO Event Type: Dorky/Nerdy

And look! There's a Renaissance Festival, 2 Star Trek conventions, a coin collector's auction, and a lederhosen swap meet! (Actually, they only listed the Renaissance Festival, but you get the idea.) They list concerts, film festivals, parades, rodeos, marathons, dramatic productions, fireworks, tourist attractions, and heaps of other offbeat stuff that wouldn't otherwise occur to normal people like yourselves. I'm kind of ticked though, they didn't have the annual Sukagawa Fire Festival listed. Time for angry letters to the webmaster!

Looking for a roomate? Wanna sell/buy a gigantic hot dog truck? has been around for quite awhile. Basically, its your newspaper's classified section, only 100,000,000,000,000,000 times bigger and faster. Did I mention the global scale? Holy Cow! There isn't any kind of listing you couldn't find here!

The website working to end the occupation of Iraq, supports progressive causes. I don't agree with every cause they support, but I'm OK with enough of them to give the green light. is an organization of moderate Israelis and Palestinians working to build a grass roots consensus for peace and justice among their respective communities in Palestine and Israel. Refreshing and inspiring.

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