Tuesday, May 08, 2007

My Sister Is Incubating My Nephew!

No, this isn't my sister's beer gut! In fact she can't drink any beer at all because she's carrying my nephew! She's extremely excited about the prospect of becoming a mother, and I'm excited for her. I only wish she had named the child after me! Oh well, she may have another one that she can name Tyler the Cool Cat Holler.

Noelle and her husband Seth are living in Kentucky. Seth is in grad school and Noelle is trying to make a go as an artist. I'm not sure what Seth is doing for the summer. They're both pretty cool people and seem to be happy, healthy, and excited about starting a family.

I suppose sending me this picture is her way of telling me to try and keep in touch or something. I'm becoming less and less good at this the longer I'm away. I do promise to try and call you within a weeks time in case you are reading this Noelle! Seriously though, I do love my sister and wish her all the best.

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The Pittmeister said...

Congratulations on the newest limb to the family tree. I agree that "Tyler the Cool Cat Holler" is a great name for a son. Hopefully they will understand your vision some day.