Monday, January 15, 2007

Eric Hanson's World Race

My friend Eric Hanson has embarked on a "World Race." In this race, he will work for a short term missionary organization and visit 11 countries in 11 months if I am reading things correctly.

A great guy that I've known since he was in diapers, our families have been very close for a long time. He and I later hung out from time to time at Northern Arizona University, where we went to Intervarsity Christian Fellowship and did other stuff together. He and I share a passion for the outdoors and rock climbing, somthing he's apparently taken up during my stint here in Japan.

He's a great guy who comes from a great family. Always easy-going and ready for a good time at any moment, he's a fantastic choice for this mission. As long as I don't do something crazy that winds up in Dear Abby, I'm sure I will see him again someday in the future. I'm sure Eric Hanson is having the time of his life sharing his love for the Lord in all sorts of cool places. You can read all about it on his new blog here.

Check in with him from time to time.

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