Friday, January 05, 2007

Back in Osaka

Yesterday, I arrived safe and sound back in Fukuoka Japan on the Southern Coast

While I love it here in Japan, it will never be a major tourist attraction for the simple fact that traveling here is too darn expensive. Before leaving Japan, I stopped at a travel agent to try and pick up bus tickets back to Koriyama, because the Shinkansen (Bullet Train) is simply too expensive, and I don't have any money left. Unfortunately, due to the New Year Holidays, most people are traveling and almost all the buses were booked! So I had to bite the bullet and pay for the shinkansen to Osaka, where I managed to get a bus back to my town this evening.

I wasn't able to secure any hosts on, so I had to stay in the next cheapest option in Osaka, the capsule hotel. While they are fun to stay in once, after that they are just dreary depressing places filled with chainsmoking middle aged alcoholics who missed the last train.

Unfortunately, my train today doesn't leave until 8:30 tonight, and I have about eight hours to kill in Osaka without spending any money. So hear I am in an internet cafe writing up about everything in Korea.

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